Our services

  • Air conditioning: We specialize in air conditioning installations, both simple and more complex:
    • Split
    • Multisplit
    • Ducts
    • Cassette
    • Fan coils
    • Air curtains
    • etc.
  • Forced ventilation: Facilities extraction and air supply, according to project engineer and / or regulations.
  • Heating: Facilities boilers, radiators, underfloor heating …
  • Plumbing installs water for communities and individuals, disbursements, losses and leaks.
  • Satellite / TV: Installations and maintenance of satellite and Freeview TV. Collective and individual. Facilities mixed single and multi-focus.
  • Intercoms and video intercoms.
  • Complex audio and video facilities.
  • Electricity: Tasks low voltage electrician.
  • Installation of white goods (ovens, hobs, cooker, bells, etc.). We can supply everything you can install or install material supplied by the customer.
  • Palette: Palette tasks related facilities. Little work, renovations and extensions.
  • Services to communities neighboring antennas, maintenance of water and electricity, electrical repairs, parking sensors, designed small and revision and maintenance of air conditioners, among others.
  • Service Nilfisk: Nilfisk service, domestic division. Entire parts catalog (upon request). Sales of consumables: bags, filters

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